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Continuing Education: These webinars count toward Yoga Alliance non-contact hours for RYTs.

ConnectDots200Connecting the Dots of Your Web Presence: Website, Social Media and Mailing List

Thursday, May 14th, 8-9:00 pm Eastern/5-6:00 pm Pacific

Presenter: Lissa Sandler, Founder Web Presence Academy

Image this daydream…you wake up, you have a bunch of alerts letting you know people have interacted with your Facebook page posts. You have been retweeted and favorited on Twitter and Pinterest sends an email and your daily reach keeps expanding.

The biggest rewards are the constant stream of new students, sold out workshops, live speaking opportunities and video or book leads. You are really getting it, those Likes and Shares are transforming into website traffic, they are growing your mailing list and turning into a profitable, sustainable business.

Your loyal social media fans are spreading the word about you to their friends and family, and it is a snowball effect of positivity. Your blog readership is growing and you have put systems in place to grown your mailing list and it is effortlessly paying off. you decide to take the vacation you have promised your family for the last 3 years.

How’s that for a little business day dream? Sounds great, right?

This can be a reality for your business. Social media, growing your website and mailing list can actually be a pleasure and a real-life source of abundance and revenue. If you’ve been using social media without those kinds of result you are missing on big piece of the puzzle: a connecting the dots strategy.

Learning Objectives: 
Wouldn’t you like this to be a reality for your business? This webinar will teach you to love social media. It doesn’t have to be a huge time water. Best of all you will turn your social media efforts into real life revenue and results.

Discover simple, executable strategy you can do EACH day, consistently, that will lead to REAL results. Are you ready to lose your aversion to using social media for your business? Then you are ready to “Connect the Dots of Your Web Presence.”

COST: $29 USD/ FREE for KYA Members



chairyogaTeaching Chair Yoga to Children

Thursday, June 4th, 8-9:00 pm Eastern/5-6:00 pm Pacific

Presenter: Jess Rosenberg, founder Adventures of Super Stretch

Did you know that children spend on average 5 to 7 hours a day at home and at school sitting down for “screen time”?!

Inactivity and sedentary behavior is one of the biggest challenges we have in public health today. Sitting for long periods at a time is linked to a host of problems like: stress, diabetes, obesity, and poor mental well-being. 

We need to unplug kids from their screens and move! Let’s use the chair to our advantage and teach the younger generation Chair Yoga poses. This kind of exercise is a new and innovative way for teachers and school-age children to be physically active, stay alert, productive, and creative as they sit their way to better health. 

Chair Yoga is an incredible tool for health, growth and change. In this webinar you’ll learn

  • The physical and mental benefits of Chair Yoga for Children
  • Sitting properly and alignment as it relates to Hatha Yoga
  • Breathing techniques, meditation, and relaxation tips while doing Chair Yoga postures.
  • ‘Take 5 Chair Yoga Breaks’ postures and sequences for your classrooms and/or studios

COST: $29 USD/ FREE for KYA Members


If you cannot attend the live event but want access to the recording PLEASE register. A link to the recording will arrive in your in-box within 24 hours.